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Our memories connect us


Yesterday Peter, Louis and I just happened to be driving near Pakenham, the place my family were living when I joined the Williams clan. The only memories I have of the house are based on photos taken by a neighbour. Fortunately Hugo, was old enough to remember some of the events that happened at the time. He could tell me the name of the street, and that we lived next to a creek which had flooded our house one year. This was enough for me to find the house on google maps.


The house is the one on the left just above  ‘Pakenham Creek’. 

I sent him a screen grab from street view and he was pretty sure it was the same house.


I was surprised that the house has been repainted since this image was taken. Things can change quickly these days; what you see on street view may not still be there. 

Peter, Louis and I dropped by to take a closer look.


Peter caught me contemplating what life was like for me as a young child in this house. 

In studying the photos of my brothers and I from those days, the house detail in the background convinced us that it is definitely the same house.


It was the detail on the corner of the house in this photo that had us thinking that it had to be the same place. I obviously hadn’t learnt to say ‘cheese’ yet! 


The fuchsias from the last photo connect this photo to the same location.


On the back of the photo, our father had written, John 6, Rodney 4 & 1/2, Ruth 18 months 

It’s a strange sensation to return to a home after almost sixty years and find that it is still there. Especially in these days when townhouses and apartment blocks win the toss against family homes.


We couldn’t help wonder if the residents were looking through the window wondering what in the hell we were doing! 

Hugo asked why I had suddenly become interested in that old house. I told him how, at lunch on Tuesday, our mother had told me that she couldn’t remember what I was like at a child. It occurred to me that Hugo was now the keeper of our early family memories, thank goodness for older siblings! And younger ones – Jann joined us in 1961, making the family complete.

Author: rhinophile

I’m interested in how we live and how we die. I like to try things on and see if they work for me. I find the human experience a fascinating one. No matter how much we hear about there being evil in the world, I also know there is goodness, and many people who are dedicated to caring for everyone and everything.

2 thoughts on “Our memories connect us

  1. Great photos i can remember u all as little kids Peter Symonds & I visited yr family at Lockington one school holidays i was about 10

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