a change in time

musings on behavioural change – the small stuff and the big stuff.


My name is Ruth Williams. I live in Melbourne, Australia. I have done many things in my life, too many to list here. If you ever feel inclined to find out, we can have tea together, or maybe a glass of wine.

After completing the Graduate Certificate in Sustainability at Swinburne in 2014, ‘Sustainability’ became the newest chapter in my book. In the years that have followed since doing the course, I have noticed that one of the main issues around dealing with change of any kind is our ability to be open to it, whether it be using less plastic or facing a complete change in one’s circumstances.

I am involved in several community groups, mainly focused around keeping litter out of the waterways. I’ve been with Darebin Creek Sweepers for three years and with Love our Street for just a few months. You can find us on Facebook.

I am fortunate to share ownership of a property in Wonyip, South Gippsland. It is a special part of the world, much loved by all of our family.

This photo was taken a few years ago with my late husband, Peter. He loved the farm more than anyone. Our dog Suki is pretty keen about it as well.

Thank you for coming to my blog. I hope you will stay for a while and read back over some of my posts. I’m still quite proud of them.


9 thoughts on “About

  1. Nice to meet you! Your place looks wonderfully beautiful. So sorry to hear Peter is gone. I’m sure it’s still tough to bear. Love to you and your family.

  2. Hi Ruth , thank you for sharing your thoughts wishes and dreams . You seem such a caring thoughtful and aware person . I like some of your musings and great snapshots of life . An evolution of thinking . I too am an amateur backyard farmer and love the energy that the trees and plants give..
    Thank you Ruth

    • Thanks for taking the time to drop in on my blog, Barry. I’ve been out watering the garden this morning, and very much enjoyed hanging out with our odd assortment of trees. ☺️

  3. Thank you for sharing your story, I’m so sorry to hear about Peter. I was born and raised in Melbourne until the age of 9 when my family moved to the UK, so I love hearing about my home town. I look forward to reading more of your posts.

  4. What a brave decision, to start a blog at this particular moment in your life. I suspect your story will touch many people, and it resonates with me despite the fact that I have been divorced for many years.

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